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It was in 2014 that we started our journey with a small step.

It was the year when the first journal of Ana Publishing Private Limited was launched … “Innovate Discover Create (IDC)”, an international peer reviewed journal made our dreams a reality with it getting launched. Since then we went ahead to launch two more journals with the names of “The Genesis” in 2014 and “The Research Reservoir of Paramedical Sciences” in 2015. The acceptance that these journals received from all quarters inspired us to think more. Thus, we started thinking about the undone.

There was a gap in our bouquet of journals as these three journals mainly dealt with scientific topics. We wanted to cater to the world of business studies, commerce, management and economics. After all this is the age of globalization … a phenomenon that has forced all of us to change the way we think about business and studies related to it. In the last century nothing has influenced human minds and human life more than globalization. So why not get into the game of business research and explore the joy hidden in it. As the world famous writer Salman Rushdie pointed out that when thought becomes exceptionally painful, action seems to be the finest remedy, we went ahead to launch our fourth journal, “The Business Age”.

In this journal we will take care of issues relating to business and its research. We will deal with matters relating to economics and management. We hope to create a zone where researchers and thinkers from around the world will share their ideas and opinions relating to business. We hope to produce the comfort zone for theory makers to produce the world’s latest theories on business.

“The Business Age” aims to provide adequate support to business research, help in the formation of a platform where we will meet and discuss business. After all business is not just an activity. It is a way of life.

From the Desk of the Editor – in – Chief:

The world famous American economist Paul Samuelson once remarked that this is the age of business. In this age it is through business that we develop, we prosper. Also it is through business that we find out new ways of life. Business gives rise to new products, new concepts and new ideas. Thus, business contributes to the progress of the civilization that was created through the efforts of generations.

We at “The Business Age” believe in this principle and thus, with an endeavour to contribute towards the rise of new business ideas, thoughts and concepts have associated ourselves with this journal that aims at promotion of business as a way of life.

This is the age when business decides political relations between two countries; business decides the social and cultural relations between individuals. If we study the history of nations we will see that in this modern age, nations rise and fall with their rise and fall in business. This is the age when every scientific discovery is tested for its economic viability first and then given the status of a discovery. This is the age when every activity, whether social, political, cultural, educational, research oriented, is thought of from a business angle.

Business is that important today.
Thus, we came up with our latest effort, “The Business Age”. In this journal we hope to give a thorough insightful analysis of business and commercial activities from scholars, business researchers and representatives from the corporate world from around the globe. Lets us aim in the creation of the most stable business environment in history. Let us target the spreading of new business ideas that would widen new horizons in front of us.
With regards,
Chief Editor.

Rules regarding submission of manuscript for publication

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The manuscript should not be a plagiarized one. It should contain the author’s writings only. Proper citation should be done for matters taken from other sources.

The author has to take up full responsibility for the writings and opinion expressed (if any) by him in the manuscript. The journal cannot be held responsible for the writings or the opinions in the manuscript.
The decisions of the Editor – in – Chief will be final about decisions on publication of the manuscript submitted.

For submission of the manuscript and its publication, the author has to mail the original manuscript along with the signed and scanned copy of the declaration form, to the Editor – in – Chief.

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