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By: Prapanna Lahiri

Income tax is a tax levied and collected by the government, directly on the income of an individual/ organisation/ business entity for the purpose of financing various operational and planned schemes of the government. The system of progressive income tax is designed in such a manner that it takes a greater percentage of income from high-income persons or corporations than from low-income ones. The system is based on the rationale of ability to pay whereby it ensures more even distribution of wealth in a population and serves as a fiscal stabiliser to cushion the effects of economic cycles.


By: Anamitra Roy

JagdishBhagwati is an India born American economist. He is one of the greatest scholars on globalization, international trade and free trade. He added one more dimension to globalization by saying that the benefits of globalization should be reached to all. In the recent times he openly supported the Indian Prime Minster, NarendraModi in his decision to demonetize currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1,000. He has been awarded with Padma Bhibhusan by the Government of India in 2000. He received Mahalanobis Memorial Medal of the Indian Econometric Society in 1974, Seidman Distinguished Award in International Political Economy in 1998, Lifetime Achievement Award of Indian Chamber of Commerce in 2004 and Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in 2006.

At present he is a professor at the University of Columbia teaching economics and law.


By: Vandana Mishra Chaturevedi & Dr. Syed Gous

Recovery marketing can be defined as the actual or possible regaining, restoration or improvement of something lost or taken away as a result of a significantly negative situation.

The main emphasis of this study is laid on the crisis experienced by destinations like Srinagar, J&K; although these destinations possess tremendous potential in terms of tourism influx activity, but because of their negative image these destinations fail to attract high tourist arrivals.

Against this backdrop, the study proposes to examine the dynamics of such destinations along using case study approach towards the states of India.  So this study is having wider scope by evaluating the dimensions of recovery marketing. The nature of this research may be described as “exploratory”, “descriptive” and “analytical”. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to the Destination Management Organizations (DMO’s) like travel agencies, tour operators, tourism development authorities etc. In total 118 questionnaires were distributed out of which only 108 were filled by the respondents. 6 questionnaires were partially filled and 4 were returned unfilled. Results attained from the analysis explain that Kashmir is facing the problem of brand awareness and brand identity and there is need of training the staff in the hotels and travel agencies. Also the presence of the excessive security at airports and spurt security check ups at the destination creates the negative image about the particular tourist destination. The data analysis explains that if recovery marketing is put into the practice it will definitely lead to recover the image of the destination with a new logo and tagline. On the basis of these conclusions, the scholar framed some recommendations like rebranding Kashmir valley as a safe and secure destination, business expansion through previous data analysis, framing logo for the respective travel agencies, collaborative marketing, concentrating on the domestic tourism etc.

Article:4 “THE DAY”

By: Aamarpali Puri

It was a beautiful evening of November, 2016. I was in my office at Salt Lake City, Kolkata, in the middle of a class. I was explaining to my students the role of force in chemical reactions. I received a call from my mother from Punjab. She told me to watch the news as she expected something of serious significance had happened. I moved out of the class room and came to my cabin. I started to watch the news in my laptop.