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Article: 1


By: Dr. Poonam Sinha


The world is dominated by the male community. whereas, women occupy half of the population of the world and work two-third of the total work of the world in more hygienic conditions than the men. Everyone says that women are equal to men but superior to men. To test their equality or superiority, we have to empower at par politically, socially, economically and legally. After Independence, Ms Vijyalaxmi Pandit represented India at the United Nations. Mrs. Indira Gandhi ruled Indian as a Prime Minister for the longest time, and many women became Governors and Chief Ministers of States and rendered services at various levels in Judiciaries and executives in administration, likewise in IAS, IPS and IRS also. These are some of the examples of the capability of women, and society has to be proud of the same.

Key Words: Social Reform, Marriage, Society, Cruelty, India.

Article: 2


By: Mr. Dilip Jain



Digital marketing is ideally done today by making use of the vast and complex world of cross channels to make an impact through the process of ‘engagement marketing’ carried through by constructing meaningful interactions with existing and potential customers on the basis of data about them collected over a period of time. Creating meaningful interactions with customers in a digital environment is an effective way of building brand awareness and placing one’s business at the forefront when the customer is ready to buy. Engagement marketing is more productive than simply flashing advertisements in front of customers. Digital marketing is completely a new way to approach the targeted audience. Businesses can use a multitude of smart tools to collect a sea of data resources for an in-depth analysis about their target audience.

Key Words: marketing, digital marketing, online, digital.

Article: 3


By: Dr. Aamarpali Roy

Remote work is an umbrella term that includes working from anywhere that may be home, a co-working space or, sometimes, even a cafe having internet connectivity. The term telecommuting means working most or all of working hours from home, making use of the internet, email and the telephone and heading to the office only occasionally for team meetings, which can, these days, even be arranged remotely with the help of technology solutions, using web conferencing software like, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype etc. This sudden shift in their work methodology is not without challenges. Workers or teachers, hitherto not very computer savvy suddenly, perforce, have to adapt to the demands of this new modus operandi in pursuit of their profession or vocation. Despite the challenges involved in remote working it has opened a window of extensive opportunities both for the employer as well as the employee. It has unveiled a new horizon of possibilities.

Key Words: remote working, challenges, work from home.