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Dear Readers and Well Wishers,

Months of hard work and determination have paid us. We are ready with another issue of The Business Age. I have seen my team members in this phase. I observed how disciplined they are. It is fascinating to see how they prepare for each and every step, how they visualize the end and keep themselves inspired. I continue to learn from them. They have showed me what discipline can help to achieve. It is not that prior to this I did not know the importance of discipline. Since the time I was a child I was told about it by my parents and teachers. They told me to invest time in inculcating discipline and they also told me to enjoy the rewards for the rest of the life. So I knew about it. But my team members have given a live demonstration of the whole matter. Today I stand as a person who is inspired from within to maintain discipline. I have made it a part of my life. I am often asked that how does a disciplined person enjoy life. Well, my answer to this is that a disciplined person has better health, better frame of a mind to understand anything, a better status in the society and more financial liberty. Thus, probability of a disciplined person to enjoy life is more than a person without it. I have studied the history of nations and seen that there were many nations which rose to power. They were not nations with highly talented people. They were nations with some ordinary people. But, then how did they rise to power? The answer to this is, discipline. These nations followed the path of discipline. They streamlined their powers with the help of discipline. They eradicated their fears with the help of discipline. Discipline can give us amazing results, some of the most cherished ends. I am into discipline. Hope I have been able to motivate at least a few.

On that note, wishing you many happy reading hours,