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Dear Readers,

This is probably the first time in my career as an editor that I really don’t know how to begin this editorial. In the last few months, the world has been turned upside down. And, I am just hoping that this does not carry on this way. I am just hoping that the worst is over. These few months were very trying for professionals in every sector and domain, for every living human in every nook and corner of the planet. Amidst that my team members were busy working. It was very important for each one of us to maintain the coordination because we were unable to meet each other. But we had to keep on working at the same pace. We kept on motivating each other and under these circumstances, we were able to come up with another issue of The Business Age. I just know this much that we have managed to come up with this issue. I don’t want to write too much about the pain of not meeting each other, the pain of getting distanced from each other. It was very difficult to for us and we have been able to do this. For my team and me, The Business Age is a very important part of our lives, just as you are. And, that provided us with the determination of working hard and then meeting the targets.
In the next few years, all of us are going to experience a repercussion of the happenings in the last two/ three months. These repercussions will be biological, chemical, social, and economical and business oriented. I am sure that our growth and development will be deeply influenced by the repercussions. We will be deeply impacted. This will be the phase in our lives when we will be challenged and our integrity will be tested at the highest possible level. This will be the time which will demand our unity and character. It will pose a threat to our existence. But I am sure that we will emerge victorious. We cannot afford to be in the losing side. The civilization that can be seen today is the result of the sacrifice and hard work of generations. A mere virus cannot come and destroy everything that was created through millenniums. A mere virus cannot put an end to this great human civilization. We have to take care of the planet, our environment, our families and friends, and last but not the least, of ourselves. This is the greatest test of our lives. Let’s support each other during this test. We have to remember that for every mistake we make today, we will have to answer the future generations from whom we have borrowed the earth.
On that note, I would like to thank you all for the inspiration generated from your side and wish you many hours of reading.

With warm regards,

The Business Age.