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Dear Followers and Readers,

Hope all of you are doing fine? Wish you a Happy New Year. May you all have a splendid 2021.

I cannot remember I had ever started in an editorial by asking you about how you are. But this time, the circumstances are such. I could not take any other route, but straight away ask you about your state.

I know we all are going through a phase, an experience that no living human being right now in this world has ever gone through. I will not speak about this much as you already know enough about it; you have seen enough of it. I would just like to remind you an ancient proverb that if winter comes, can spring be far behind. Actually difficult times are a part of our lives. We should not pray for difficult times to disappear. This is because they will never and that sort of a prayer cannot be answered. Even those forces which sometimes cannot be seen, heard, felt, touched but control our lives, have to depend on reality. This is how life is. It always was and will always be. So what we should aim to learn, to understand, to pray for and ask for is the ways by which we can mitigate the difficult times. Let us not be creatures of circumstances. Let us be creators of circumstances.

Difficult times teach us to be united, to stand tall in front of problems and miseries, pains and failures. When we go through the pages of history, we read about some great people. But were they actually so great! The answer is “probably not”. They were some ordinary individuals who rose to their greatest glory. They fought, they lost, they were devastated, and they continued to crawl until they could walk. They continued to walk until they could run. They continued to run, until they got the wings like Pegasus. And, when they got those wings, they made it count. They ignited their minds. They started flying. These were the flights that changed the storyline and direction of the human civilization. It is time that we take a leaf from out of the pages of human history. There was a great man who always told people to visit an old triumph while they would be lifeless. That old triumph will generate the new energy. It will revitalize the soul. Let us do it. We should periodically visit our old success stories. That is a very old way of tackling problems and difficult times.

On that note, I would like to thank my team members for being so active even when the world was being turned upside down.

Hoping for great times soon.

With warm regards,

Editor-in-ChiefThe Business Age.