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This is the age of internet technology. This modern technology has ensured that we are never short of information. However, it has not been able to ensure that we are able to process that information and produce conclusions, on the basis of which recommendations will be framed. Thus, we see people with some facts and figures put into their brains. This has resulted into lack of consciousness. And, this has happened everywhere. That’s why, in today’s generation we have people who have the information but, they do not know what to do with that information. Thus, they are able to start a task. But, they are not able to complete it. They understand the price of everything, but not the value of anything. They are able to follow, but not able to lead.

When we are doing something, whatever it may be, we need to have the knowledge about how to do that job. However, we also need to accept the fact that when we are doing that job, irrespective of the level of knowledge that we may possess, there may be obstacles in between which will be difficult to tackle. Mere knowledge cannot help to overcome these obstacles. We need consciousness to do the same. Now, the question arises that what is consciousness. Consciousness is the sense or realization of where to apply the knowledge, how much to apply and how to apply. The previous generation lived in an age when there was no access to knowledge. In this generation, that problem has been solved. We have easy access to knowledge. But, we still lack the consciousness about the knowledge. Hopefully, in the next few generations that problem will also be solved. But, for the time being, this remains a fact of life that we are lacking the consciousness and we are doing things without knowing.

When we are going to the internet for our share of knowledge, we are not necessarily getting the consciousness. Thus, we are getting into the job without actually knowing much about it. This is the story of the world. This is not the story of just one region or one person. Thus, ours is a generation which is going through a transition. We are into discovering ways of delivering consciousness.

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