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From the Desk of the Editor:

Dear Readers,
July is a very important month of the year from the standpoint of business. July means monsoon – the constant dropping of the waters from the sky. It gives us fertile soil, more waters, less heat and plenty of energy. At the same time for businessmen around the world, it is the month of preparations of a long and satisfying business season. July is the month of anticipations and expectations. It is followed by festive months like September, October, December, January and March. If a businessman or the business is not well prepared by July, it will be very difficult to keep the customers satisfied in the coming festive and joyous months. Thus, it can be said that for the business community July is the month of preparations, planning and getting ready. And, who does not know that before everything else getting ready, is the key to success.

So whichever, sphere of business we may be associated with, let us not just dream but use this July for the preparation of a great season of business ahead. The pains that now you will be taken to find the commodities that your customers would like to get, to design the new goods and services as per the latest market demands, to procure the raw materials so that production does not stop during the business seasons and designing of the new systems for the businesses, will bring tears of joy in your eyes when you will see your customers satisfied and your cash box getting filled up. July is the month of opportunities and dreams for a business personality. But the problem with these is that opportunities and dreams get converted into reality only when we work for it. So July signifies work, hard work and even harder work schedules without any rest or break.
This July whenever energy levels drop, start dreaming of the rewards that you are chasing in the months to come. Imagine these pictures frame by frame. Slowly and gradually put colors and sounds in those frames. Feel them. Visualize them. And, these frames will be yours for ever.

Writing a success story was never an easy task. That is why the top is not too much crowded. It is a great pleasure to be at the top. When we use July, we can ready ourselves for some success stories. Write them down and give us. We will be very proud to share your success stories – the success stories of our readers.
This July, we are ready with one more issue of The Business Age. We are ready to celebrate the spirit of business and prosperity.

On behalf of The Business Age team, wishing you great times ahead. It is amazing that some of the best days of our life have not happened yet. Let us get them.

Best regards,
Warm regards,