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From the Desk of the Editor:

Dear Readers and Well Wishers,

We are back with one more issue of The Business Age. We have worked hard for it and it’s in front of all of us.

During the time when we were preparing this issue, my team members and me, all of us were absorbed about the recessive world economy. Some of us were also getting worried about what will happen if it strikes us. Well, I did not have an answer to that but surely what was in my mind was that a slight economic slowdown is natural and normal. The world had experienced a genuine boom since the last twenty five – thirty years. And a slight slowdown is which is very much expected after that. I personally don’t think that the time has come when we shall call it a global recession. The phenomena can be simply understood by an example. Say that you have purchased double quantities of your household requirements this month. Then in the next month you probably do not require purchasing anything or maybe you need small quantities. So obviously you will be generating lesser demand, ceteris paribus (all other factors remaining constant). This cannot be called a recession. It can be termed as “stagnation” or may be as “a situation where less demand is being generated.” The same thing has happened to the global economy today. This is just a temporary stagnation and not a recession.

I am saying this very confidently because one of the characteristics of economic recession is that not only less demand is generated during this phase but also it has the capacity to influence the coming time frames. A recession influences the approaching times by creating a situation where confidence of the customer and the investor gets broken down. So even after the recession is over, you will experience trying times in your attempts to attract investment and expenditure. During my travels, I have talked to thousands of investors. I have listened to the comments of great economists and analysts. I have attended conferences and seminars on this topic. No one anywhere is experiencing any sort of break in the confidence levels. Worldwide confidence of the investors is high. So I am sure that this is not a business recession. It’s just a temporary slowdown.

This is the phase when we need to maintain our confidence and share it with others. Every cloud has a silver lining. If winter comes can spring be far behind. The world as a whole is going to experience a boom pretty soon. Let’s hope for great times.

Meanwhile, I wish you many hours of happy reading. Hope you enjoy this new issue.

Best regards,

Warm regards,