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From the Desk of the Editor:

Dear Followers and Readers,

With the arrival of July, we are here with a new issue. I feel great when I get an opportunity to present a new issue in front of you. It is after months of hard work, strenuous hours spent with the authors and stressful times of checking and rechecking that we finally arrive at such a point. This is the result of professionalism of my team members. The high degree of professionalism in them keeps all of us proud about them. The result is for everyone to see. Professionalism defines all of us. In fact, even lack of it defines us. Professionalism is the differentiating factor between the champion and the runner’s up. It is that fine line. When I see my team members working diligently, I am prompted to learn from them. I have thought about it for a long time. I wanted to reach at a definition of professionalism. It is very common in many parts of the world, to think that spending longer hours in the official desk is professionalism. But that is not. It just implies how much unprofessional that concerned person is. It tells us that how bad a planner that person is? To be professional means that we are in a state where we are able to understand the significance of our organizational objectives and how well we can link that to our daily work routine, our success rate etc. So it can be defined as a mental state where a professional is able to understand the organizational goals and link it to her/ his objectives. This is the highest mental platform where a professional can exist. In my personal sphere also, I regularly talk about professionalism. My close ones ask me the reason for doing so. I tell them that I like professionalism and I am a professional. Being a professional with professionalism, I am proud that I follow professional ethics, professional values, rules and regulations. It, almost always brings about a positive change in the thinking pattern of a professional. The professional can get absorbed in her/ his work and be happy with it. Despite its so many advantages, “professionalism” is easily also one of the most controversial terms. People associate it to spending long hours in the workplace and forgetting the family. It is always associated with giving more importance to professional work and giving less importance to the requirements at the personal front. Well, professionalism is never like that. It helps the professionals to prioritize and allocate appropriate amount of resources, be it time, money, man power or anything else. Thus, it helps in maintaining a smooth life. On that note, wish you all many happy reading hours.