(An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal of Business, Commerce and Management)
ISSN : 2455-9423 (Online) Frequency: Biannual.
Publication Impact Factor (PIF) = 4.325

The Business Age

It was in 2014 that we started our journey with a small step.

It was the year when the first journal of Ana Publishing Private Limited was launched … “Innovate Discover Create (IDC)”, an international peer reviewed journal made our dreams a reality with it getting launched. Since then we went ahead to launch two more journals with the names of “The Genesis” in 2014 and “The Research Reservoir of Paramedical Sciences” in 2015.

The acceptance that these journals received from all quarters inspired us to think more. Thus, we started thinking about the undone.

There was a gap in our bouquet of journals as these three journals mainly dealt with scientific topics. We wanted to cater to the world of business studies, commerce, management and economics. After all this is the age of globalization … a phenomenon that has forced all of us to change the way we think about business and studies related to it.