(An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal of Business, Commerce and Management)
ISSN : 2455-9423 (Online) Frequency: Biannual.
Publication Impact Factor (PIF) = 4.325

The manuscript submitted for publication in the journal will have to be an original one which was previously not published anywhere else. The author has to give a declaration about this to the Editor – in – Chief through mail.
The manuscript should not be a plagiarized one. It should contain the author’s writings only. Proper citation should be done for matters taken from other sources.

The author has to take up full responsibility for the writings and opinion expressed (if any) by him in the manuscript. The journal cannot be held responsible for the writings or the opinions in the manuscript.
The decisions of the Editor – in – Chief will be final about decisions on publication of the manuscript submitted.

For submission of the manuscript and its publication, the author has to mail the original manuscript along with the signed and scanned copy of the declaration form, to the Editor – in – Chief.

For declaration form click here

Editor can be emailed at:
called at:  +919051220005

After the receiving of the report from the reviewers, information will be provided to you (the author) from the office of the Editor – In – Chief. If the manuscript has been considered for publication, After the publication of the manuscript you shall get a mail from the office of the Editor – in – Chief stating that your article has been published.